The Community Kitchen is a communal cookery workshop facility for homeless, socially disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals. The work stations can accomodate up to ten individuals at a time.

The Community Kitchen will provide:

  • access to specialist support, direction and training to allow individuals to become equipped with essential life skills to facilitate them to move on and live independent healthy lives;
  • a range of non threatening workshops teaching individuals to cook nutritious meals using cost effective ingredients. Learning outcomes include being aware of price differences, how to compare different food items and learning practical ways to save money when food shopping;
  • an informal meeting place where individuals can cook and share a meal as they talk;
  • a regular lunch club where a small group of individuals who use the Community Kitchen have the opportunity to run a small model of social enterprise on a weekly basis. This will be open to all those who normally access the Community Kitchen and those who are homeless, socially disadvantaged and vulnerable but are not yet accessing the Community Kitchen;
  • a community cafe run one day a month (initially) by the individuals who use the Community Kitchen offering a menu compiling the meals they have been learning to cook to the wider community;


The Community Kitchen will:

  • offer a greater understanding of healthy eating to enable them to have a balanced diet for good health and well-being, and ensure they get the cooking skills and food education to help them reach their full potential;
  • provide all aspects of basic education, including academic skills, personal development, social development, moral development, vocational and/or subsistence skills and life skills;
  • enable informed decision making around food and diet and set up, maintain and manage their own homes;
  • facilitate social interaction and peer support; and.
  • encourage and support wider social interaction and active community involvement.

The Community Kitchen is available to hire to community based groups.

For more information please contact OPENhouse 01453 759 400

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